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Interior Services And Bespoke Joinery Leicester

Make your house the home of your dreams with one of Forest Carpentry’ interior services and bespoke joinery Leicester options. With over 15 years of experience in the interior joinery industry, our expert craftsmen can deliver tailored, high-quality and beautiful projects at a reasonable price for you and your family.

Flooring and Skirting

Does your home’s flooring need a bit of TLC, a refresh or are you looking for a change from carpets? Forest Carpentry offers interior services in flooring and skirting that are fully made-to-measure and will be designed and installed exactly to your needs and desires.

Whether you’d prefer the authenticity of a real wooden flooring, luxury vinyl tiles and planks or the practical benefits of laminate flooring, you will certainly find a floor that perfectly fits your style and vision of your rooms – bathrooms, kitchens and all the others. Whatever you’re dreaming of, we can supply!


Every room is unique and imposes specific requirements, but with so many options available, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you choose the right one for you. With our timely, but precise installation service, you can expect a finished product that ticks all the boxes.

Not only can we lay floorings, but we can also add or replace skirting boards and edgings that will perfectly match, giving your home the finishing touch that makes your brand new floor look even more beautiful.

Internal Door Hanging and Architraves

Doors can say a lot about a room, but more importantly, they need to be practical and robust, yet elegant and inviting, whilst providing us and our families with the privacy and security we need in our homes. However, they sometimes require occasional maintenance or even a complete replacement, whether it’s from a functionality point of view or if you just want a change in aesthetics.


Forest Carpentry can provide all manner of door hanging services, whether it be standard door hanging, designing and installing door frames or door building and fitting, all in beautiful wooden materials. With a choice of either softwood or hardwood, including oak, mahogany or pine and either a primed or painted finish, we’ll provide the perfect door to match your dream home vision.

We can also look into designing and fitting architraves that perfectly fit your new or existing door, which is a cost-effective way of modernising your home, giving it a fresh appeal.

The team at Forest Carpentry understands that design, quality fitting and installation is of utmost priority when it comes to choosing interior joinery and carpentry services.

Our fully bespoke door hanging services can be made-to-measure to suit your requirements so if you need to refresh or replace your door and architraves, please get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.

Bi-folding Doors

Forest Carpentry provides a wide range of high-quality external and internal bi-folding doors, patio doors and French doors to complement and enhance your home and lifestyle, all with unrivalled industry expertise, luxurious and precise design, personable customer service and at competitive prices.


If you would like to explore your bespoke bi-folding door options, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Bi-folding doors are made of two hinged panels, allowing them to be collapsed when opened, making them ideal to save space between connecting rooms or into the garden, offering your home an extra layer of luxury, style and beauty, whilst giving your family life a bit more openness, access and ease. They also make the perfect addition to your new home extension or renovation and refurbishment!

They revolutionise the way we link our gardens and outdoor spaces with our indoor living areas and when they effortlessly slide open, they let in nature and fresh air and light, making a better flow and atmosphere during summer parties or when you are dining al fresco.


Sash windows add a unique touch of style and sophistication to your home and the team at Forest Carpentry can tailor them to suit your exact needs and image you have for your home.


Whether you want new windows or some repair work, we’ll ensure that the finished project will offer durability, security and soundproofing as well as high-quality luxury. Forest Carpentry sash windows can transform your property, refreshing its appearance and improving the overall look and security of your home.

Our team of specialist carpenters and joiners is Leicester’s first choice for installing or restoring windows, frames and sills, using only the best in premium hardwoods and materials. All of our windows can be finished in a colour of your choice and we will work closely with you to ensure the entire window is fitted or repaired to the highest possible standard.


If you’re looking to take your stairs to the next level, our professional and expert team of Leicester joiners at Forest Carpentry can help you with your next project and vision. Our interior services can solely focus on refreshing your staircase, replacing your bannisters or both! Whatever your needs, we can supply the best options for you.


Whether you have a traditional property or one that is more modern, we have a range of materials that will suit the style that you have envisioned. We can supply staircases and bannisters in an authentic wooden theme or even in glass to suit a more contemporary setting that’s designed to make it look and feel lighter, cleaner and minimalistic.

Having the perfect staircase can add class and a new feature to your home. With our tailored joinery services and competitive prices, you can rest assured that the stairs of your dreams are just a click or a call away – get in touch today!

How Can Forest Carpentry Help You?

Whether you are looking for an expert carpenter to design and install floors and skirting boards, windows, staircases and bannisters or doors and architraves, Forest Carpentry and our services in bespoke joinery Leicester can help.

We offer bespoke options that are perfectly matched to your needs, desires, vision and tastes, all at competitive prices and carried out by our talented and precise craftsmen who have had many years in the industry.

If you would like to find out more information about our bespoke joinery interior services, garden and outdoor services or bespoke furniture services or would like to receive a free no-obligation quote or discussion about your next project needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us on 07842 437 409 or emailing us at We also have a portfolio of our work so you can see some of the projects we have recently completed!

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